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Scroll through my posts Who am I? I’m a girl from Denmark. I am Chanyeol biased, but I love them all very much! I make reactions, ships, fake snapchats, click and drags and many other random things which you can find in either my Masterlist or “scroll through my post”: EXO reaction to you getting hurt by a saesang Thank you for the request! I hope you like it. He would push you aside and march to the sasaeng, but would be pulled back by you, and you would leave together. He would keep being pissed and disappointed for the rest of the night.

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A netizen has released several photos of EXO member Chanyeol and Red Velvet singer Joy on social media, claiming they are romantically involved. Tinder is also now available online via their website so if your on your desktop or laptop you can now check your messages and matches from your internet browser. Or, you can click the plus sign on the top right of your Profile page to check your phone, Instagram, or album photos from Facebook for other pictures to include.

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Admin A almost never writes a big scenario and this is the reaction she gets when she does?? HERE is the link in case you missed it. But thank you to everyone who has already read it and those of you who are going to read it. Please show Admin A some love. For some reason it randomly popped into my head, but I can’t find it anywhere anymore. This one deals with addiction.


Netizens believe the similarities between the two singers is reason enough for them to be dating again. Jul 1, However, fans of the ex-couple seem to be in love with the idea of their idols still being together. Recently, netizens who seem to follow the K-pop stars’ style and choice of accessories speculated that EXO member Baekhyun could still be dating Girls’ Generation member Taeyeon. The cause for this recent speculation arose from the fact that the SM Entertainment artists wore similar eyeglasses and carried the same backpacks.

Fans believed this was sufficient evidence to prove that the singers’ were dating again.

The last two members, Yoon Bo-mi and Kim Nam-joo, were introduced through the group’s reality show, Apink News. [8] Prior to the group’s debut, the documentary Apink News aired on the Korean cable channel Trend E. [9] The show chronicled the launch process of Apink.

O show mostra o processo de debut do A Pink. Dentre os artistas apareceram G. Apink fez seu debut no M! Countdown em 21 de abril para promover seu EP. O show mostra a jornada dos dois grupos cuidando de animais abandonados e mal-tratados por oito semanas. A faixa foi escrita por Kim Taewan e Yoon Sangjo. Countdown da Mnet , com “My My”.

Music Core , [12] da MBC. Em julho , Eunji debutou como atriz no drama da tvN, Reply Em outubro, Eunji foi confirmada no drama “Wind Blows in Winter”. Return of the Family. Elas foram o primeiro grupo feminino a se tornarem embaixadoras.

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Adelyn Torralba Sep 24, Kim Jong-dae, also popularly known as Chen and the main vocalist of EXO-M, just turned 23 recently, and is now being rumored to be leaving the well-known Kpop band. Advertisement Like Us on Facebook After the Korean heartthrob’s solo performance on “King of Mask Singer,” he hinted and said that he always wanted to be judged as a singer and not just a member of EXO.

If Chen’s decision would be final, he would be the first Korean member to leave the Kpop band, after three Chinese members of EXO – Luhan, Kris, Tao – left the said boy band; however, an official statement is yet to be released to clear all speculations. Former EXO member Luhan just recently debuted in China and already released his first album “Reloaded” plus two music videos.

It’s tough trying to pick an EXO bias. Still it must be done. Take our quiz to find out which one is the one for you! QUIZ – Does your taste in Asian music make you a Jedi or a Sith? Which side of.

So, naturally, we want to show our love and support for their great music! We’ve found some of the best places to buy official merchandise online. I do a lot of poking around for kpop fan merchandise, so I know a lot of the best places to buy stuff. Here’s my top picks for different BTS products. You’ll probably want to get a BTS poster of just the whole group, plus one of your bias like a lot of fans.

We’ll either way, I have found some really nice ones. These are some of the most popular ones right now: By the way, you can click the image to go and buy one for yourself, too. Here we’ve got Jungkook being adorable in a shopping cart, Suga being serious, and V making a V. Pretty ironic isn’t it? The next row below, we have Taehyung on a skateboard, Rap Monster looking tough, and Jimin just chillin’. These are from a site called Redbubble and I like them a lot.

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Admin Serious Dating Just love me right Oh oh oh yeah Just love me right Just love me right urimane shigan nae ujuneun jeonbu neoya Just love me right jjaritan Cosmic ride Just love me right urimane yagan bihaeng Just love me right I just wanna make you love me. Oh yeah, come on! Just right Ignite your engine, step on the pedal Everything is special, we look good together Whatever you want, Imma make it work Yeah.

32 icons – snsd, f(x), orange caramel/after school, exo, apink, 4minute, big bang, girl’s day, nine muses (Read more Collapse).

Pertama-tama, saya akan memikirkan setiap anggota dan akan memikirkan apa yang bisa saya share. Cepat, saya akan mengatakan bahwa tidak ada dari mereka yang pacaran sekarang. Hal itu adalah yang sangat saya ketahui sampai sekarang, walaupun mungkin beberapa anggota sedang menyukai seseorang, atau sesuatu yang seperti itu. Sebelum berada dalam masa trainee, suho sudah mendalami training yang cukup lama jadi ia menganggap dirinya berada di atas member-member yang lain.

Karena itu jugalah ia meraih status sebagai leader, karena pengalamannya saat itu. Suho tidak debut untuk waktu yang lama karena menurut pandangan perusahaan ia belum siap, jadi mereka memandang suho sebagai kegagalan dibanding berpengalaman.

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The group which initially started with seven members now consists of six when Hong Yoo-kyung left in This did not in any way affect the group as they continued to release new albums and make it unto the charts. The group has so far released five Korean EPs and two studio albums.

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Video about exo do and girls day sojin dating: Yura is asked about how she’s the only Girl’s Day member with no dating news Exo do and girls day sojin dating. Bts jimin and apink naeun dating. Lovelife about Jimin of BTS. He seems from a sound guy. Solji may seem put or practised but no she is so immense. Solji may seem near or arrogant but no she is so lacking.

Exhilarating to the testing gauge tutorial, this and the mutual gif are looking to be one whole fifty protection move called The Wv call girls or whatever.

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Below is the further members profile about the girl group for you. The girl group originally had seven members: In April , Hong Yookyung decided to leave the group to focus on her studies and now the group has six members. Apink Members Profile Below is the elaborated profile of each member:

Byun Baek-hyun (hangul: 변백현; hanja:卞白贤; born May 6, in Bucheon) better known for his mononym name Baekhyun, is a South Korean actor, singer, dancer and TV presenter. He is a member of the boy band EXO where he performs as lead vocalist and dancer.

But seriously, am I the sibling react blog now? This is like the fifth request involving siblings. XD Not that I mind. I love doing these. He is completely stoked to go to the beach and chill, but then his sister invites herself. His fun day promptly turns into Baekhyun watching for the members winking and flirting with her and giving them dirty looks in return.

Chanyeol has acted like the tough older brother his entire life, protecting his sister from boys. He is a little annoyed, but just tells off every single person who looks at her the wrong way. When he sees them watching his sister who is innocently keeping to herself, he loses it a bit. He amps up the sass and confronts every single person he thinks is looking at her wrong.

Every time he sees one of them flirting with her, he goes up to her and steers her away. He looks over his shoulder and glares.

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Entertainment confirmed rumors that two artists under the management, EXO’s Kai and f x ‘s. EXO’s Kai and f x ‘s Krystal are a couple! Entertainment has officially confirmed the two k-pop stars budding. You x Kai Request: SM Entertainment confirms Kai and Krystal are dating!

pink panda Nov 15 pm Hope that she will return to the smll screen as the main lead ASAP..i miss her acting a lot :"(I hope that will be the best year for all apink u all the best eunji unnie..i will always supporting you.

Take this quiz to find out who you will marry. Top is and I was quite sad when there were rumours of dating on allkpop. Jadi semua member Exo atau artis kpop lainnya bisa saya aplud disini dan Mini Poster Version: The problem of teen violence with countrys first speed exo dating rumors in is unreliable dating in nigerian in philadelphia my boyfriend on dating sites. Back to in play speed dating online free sleepovers online s e infinite l dating allkpop.

Unlike Sulli with her “biggest dick” boyfriend. Fuhhhh selamat My myungsoo a. Lee Taesung 1 elder brother. Name unknown EXO – Baekhyun: Baekbeom elder brother – Chanyeol: I believe something similar happened with myungsoo and people got pissed. The way they stuttered and shyly introduced themselves in front of their EXO-L. They were so cute.. Chanyeol was chosen to be a virtual boyfriend in Dating Alone.

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I’m very curious, I’m curious about everything Why can’t I go to sleep and can only see your face? I’m curious too, I’m curious about this heart Why is it that when I see you, laughter comes out first? When my friends are together and they mention you Why do I get so excited and want to hear more? If only you are there, I become someone else And I make random, awkward jokes Honestly, this feeling is so strange Is this what it feels like to be on top of a cloud?

Exo reaction to your ex being CL (of 2ne1) Ok this sounds so fun tho, and i made this into two seperate post (Because it’s easier for you guys) this one being the exo-reaction. (And btw, in this reaction every member is okay with their girlfriend being bi) Hope you enjoy this ^.^.

N-Sonic debuted the 6 October with their EP we are super boys, the group at that time consisted of 5 members: Without great success in Korea, the group was very active abroad, mostly in Japan and China. The 3 February , N-Sonic made their first concert in Japan. The 16 February of the same year was announced their fandom name: After a concert in Japan, members Eunho and Jonguk left the group the 25 February for personal reasons.

In was later announced that N-Sonic will have 4 new members. They were revealed the 10 October , thus N-Sonic welcomed new members: Zion, Minkee, YunJun and Sihoo and became a 6-member group. In despite having a Korean comeback in March then in October, the group was mostly promoting in Japan, participating in a lot of summer concerts. The 8 October , member Yunjun leaved the group for personal reason.

They also did their first fan meeting and their first solo full concert in December of the same year, in Japan again. In , the group released their first mandarin single, representing their debut in china.

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