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Some of these are so bizarre that they can only be jokes. None more so than the claim that Finland doesn’t exist. The idea here is that where we all think Finland is is actually just ocean, and that Japan and Russia conspired to persuade the world there’s a country there, to cover up the fact that Japan does unlimited fishing and whaling there with no international oversight. Today we’re going to study why a tale so trivially disproven as that can actually survive to become passionately believed by a small but vocal group of conspiracy theorists. On any map, Finland borders Russia to its east, and its south and west borders are in the Baltic Sea. To its north, Finland connects to Sweden and Norway. Believers in the conspiracy theory have drawn a new map in which most of Finland is simply erased, extending the Baltic Sea all the way to the Russian border; and the northern third of Finland is simply renamed as more of Sweden, thus extending Sweden’s territory significantly. And thus is the Baltic Sea greatly expanded as well, giving those Japanese fishing boats plenty of space to do what they do, unpestered by fishing regulators. How would such a thing come to be?

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Beans, Grains, and Vegetables! How many times have we all heard this bunk myth repeated? A Trip Through The Human Digestive System abridged Briefly, the function of digestion is to break food down as far as possible—hopefully into individual fats, amino acids the building blocks of protein , and sugars the building blocks of carbohydrates which can be absorbed through the intestinal wall and used by our bodies.

Click the picture for a more in-depth description, courtesy of the University of Cincinnati’s biology department. We crush food in the mouth, where amylase an enzyme breaks down some of the starches. In the stomach, pepsin another enzyme breaks down proteins, and strong hydrochloric acid pH 1.

May 30,  · We’ve all heard a lot of really weird conspiracy theories about the world — the Flat Earth, the Hollow Earth, and the world’s governments all conspire to cover up the truth, for some reason.

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Hurricane Maria made landfall on September 20, The Comfort, which is essentially a floating specialty hospital arrived in Puerto Rico on October 3rd. I know that we have the capability to help. One group is doing a funeral home count because information is difficult to obtain. CNN has found through a recent investigation that the death toll appears to be more than 9 times the official government report.

Jun 14,  · 0; Shutterstock. Found on r/AskReddit. 1. “Emotional attachment” I’m an actively working girl. My first time was only about a month ago. It was through a website where you make offers to pay a girl to go on a date with you.

I was 18 at the time, trying to find a buddy to travel to Europe with. None of my friends at the time could afford the time or money to go on a Eurotrip, so I decided to put a personal ad on craigslist to see if anyone– guy or girl would like to go on this trip with me. The only thing was that I had to get to know them a little bit first to make sure that we could get along.

This girl responds and we decide to meet up. She invites me over to her place. It’s an all girls college campus about 30 minutes from my house. I get there and see this sexy ass Indian girl in the lobby, and sure enough it was her. Not expecting anything we go up to her apartment that she shares with 3 other girls, who all happened to be gone that night.

Long story short, she busts out the vodka and we had ourselves a good time. That was the second time I’d ever had sex, and it was fucking great. We never went on any trip, but we were fuck buddies for the next year or so. Fast forward about 3 years. I’m living in Germany, visiting Berlin by myself for a week.

But for sure alot of young female teens have a secret relationship with older guys. But also, this means she really liked him and kept a good secret. Im still wonderi how an adult male managed to penetrate her,she being a child. Those questions are just so silly and totally stupid. I know the guy and he is very decent and a really nice guy that anyone could ever meet.

Sep 08,  · Stocking up on bottled water in South Carolina September 8, at pm. I work for a national A/E firm and work at a branch office in South Carolina, we also have offices in Florida.

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Nov 10,  · I started criticizing social justice back in , which doesn’t sound so impressive until you realize that’s two centuries ago in Internet Years.

when we look at the long history of media darlings, all gift wrapped for us, be they Glen Greenwald, or names like Pilger or Assange, we peek behind the curtain for handlers and may well safely assume they are all “CIA thugs” of one type or another.

Jan 08,  · Being on the front lines of health care, doctors and nurses face tragedies and intense situations every day, giving them plenty of disturbing ER stories.

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