Gossip Girl: Nate and Serena Have Sex for Breakfast

Will They or Won’t They? They will, and They Do. The conclusion of a Romance Arc with a Happy Ending. The point where we are finally done with breakups , misunderstandings and second thoughts. If the story is done with them, they live Happily Ever After. If it isn’t, when the rest of it happens to them they’ll have each other.

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Now that Dan and Blair are a romantic couple, who else will ‘Gossip Girl’ hook up? Nate has swapped spit with Jenny and dated Vanessa who gave it a shot with Dan and Serena for a while. Then, of course, there’s the love that dare speak its name far too often, between Dan and his stepsister, Serena. It has become so difficult to keep the main “Gossip Girl” cast’s hook-ups straight that, back in October, the CW had to provide us with a chart.

And now, the unthinkable has happened:

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In Season 1 , Chuck tried to sexually assault Serena at a party. Since that night, Chuck and Serena stayed away from each other, but Serena obviously has forgiven him. Their relationship drastically changes in the second half of Season 1 when Bart Bass and Lily van der Woodsen at the time got married, thus forcing both Serena and Chuck to get along with each other as step-siblings.

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Tue Oct 09, 4: We see here if they get there in time. He doesn’t even know Serena has feelings for him. Part 6 Serena knocked on Sean’s door. He opened the door with only his jeans on. When he saw her he grinned. Serena felt a chill go through her body at the look he gave her. I don’t use that shit. I don’t want to get pregnant. Or risk getting an STD.


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Max Travis is a bus driver who is lonely he lost his lover two years ago in an accident. Max knows that its too much but he goes anyway. One his first day he meets Rocco Moretti a hot good looking Italian art professor when these two hook up it is hot and steamy and very romantic. I love reading about hot Italian men these two have a lot in common and it was This was a short quick read that I liked.

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Sep 26, Auntee rated it liked it Recommends it for: To view it, click here. Well I tried, I really tried to love this one I don’t see the romance in it, it’s not arousing to me, doesn’t get me hot or even lukewarm, and a lot of the time I find it demeaning. So why Well I tried, I really tried to love this one So why did I read this book? Well gee, it’s Maya Banks, you know?

And I happen to love most of what she writes, but darn it, this one just didn’t totally work for me. I just didn’t feel the romance.

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