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Bleach in the Black Water Tank and a Bullseye on my Back By andyj, on October 29th, I have been catching some flak from a rather vocal group that firmly believes bleach should never be added to the black water waste tank on a recreational vehicle which I advocated in this post. I still stand by this post and will try to explain my reasoning further. I use bleach in 3 different ways around the RV Basecamp. I use it as an algaecide in my portable gallon water tank. I put bleach in my RV black water tank to get rid of odors. Number 3 is the action causing all the hubbub. People seem to believe that bleach will devastate a septic system. Simply not true when used in moderation.


You should be able to answer these questions: What is the capacity of your water tank? What is the capacity of your black and grey water tank? What is the capacity of your battery bank?

How to Install an Electric Water Heater. A 2-gallon expansion tank works with water heaters up to 50 gallons. A 5-gallon expansion tank is needed for water heaters up to gallons. Use a flexible hose kit for water hook-up. Apply plumber’s tape to the threads of .

Instead of retaining water in them at all times, toilets in campers use a trapdoor-type slide plus a water flush component to dispose of the waste. The water connection to the toilet is no different than used at home. One of the most common problems with the toilet is incomplete closing of the sliding trap door. When operating correctly, the slide fits snugly into a groove.

After a period of time, bits of toilet paper may become lodged in the groove preventing the slide from closing tightly. This will allow air to seep from the waste holding tank, causing an odor problem. Carefully clean this groove with a small piece of wire until the slide seats properly into the groove. Size Doesn’t Matter RV Plumbing Repairs Are Usually Simple Another common problem with an RV waste system is the short life of the rubber seals contained in the outside valves that lead from both the gray-water and black-water holding tanks.

How to Drain a Water Heater

Aug 11th, By Mike Sokol Category: What follows is 3 in a part series about basic electricity for RV users and how to protect yourself and your family from shocks and possible electrocution. This series of articles is provided as a helpful educational assist in your RV travels, and is not intended to have you circumvent an electrician. The author and the HOW-TO Sound Workshops will not be held liable or responsible for any injury resulting from reader error or misuse of the information contained in these articles.

If you feel you have a dangerous electrical condition in your RV or at a campground, make sure to contact a qualified, licensed electrician. Reruns Last week we learned how to read a basic Digital Volt Meter and test a or amp standard outlet such as you might find in your living room or RV interior.

Sep 14,  · Plate exchanger hook up? These seemed to work for me last year, I heat the water and then dump it into the hot water tank. My Water to Water plate exchanger is on the top. I just turned down my propane thermostat on the water heater and did not notice the pilot firing last year at all. Pad poured, lines ran, air exchanger, water.

First you need to make sure you really need a new one. Are you sure your water heater needs to be replaced? Have you checked on possibly fixing it? Water heaters can last ten to fifteen years. Is yours older than that? Installing a new electric hot heater is a big job for a homeowner. Yes it can be done in a day if things go well.

Installing a Electric Water Heater Circuit

Keep reading to find out how the built-in geothermal water heater works. How Geothermal Water Heaters Work Heat pumps reduce hot water costs through a component called a desuperheater. While most geothermal heat pump manufacturers have this as an add-on, all of our residential heat pumps come with a desuperheater included for domestic hot water preheating — even our air source heat pumps.

A desuperheater is a small double-wall heat exchanger that takes this extra heat from the discharge gas and puts it in your domestic hot water tank.

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I am going to go completely off grid! How much is this device going to save me a day, month or year? How long will it take to pay for itself? The daily solar power you put into the tank is basically taken off your power bill. So it depends on the wattage of your panels, solar conditions in your area and your hot water usage. Typical daily power requirements of a 40 gallon tank are almost 2 KWh just to keep it at temperature with no use. If you start using hot water it goes up from there!

The savings add up daily and at the end of the month or year. You own the solar panels, they are worth something, you don’t get that when you throw money at the power company. Like a lot of other things, solar is an investment. You pay for it now and start to enjoy the benefits immediately and for years to come. Solar panels don’t quit after their warranty expires, they lose only a little power over time.

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Remember NEVER to heat your animals water with a direct high voltage Volt plug-in heaters as this practice regularly kills an estimated 17, animals annually once the high voltage heater gets a crack in the electrical insulation material! Only use Low Voltage heaters like ours that run on battery power or operate from a low voltage power transformer like a battery charger!!

Heat your water safely this winter! Remember NEVER to heat your animals water with a high voltage Volt heaters as this practice regularly kills an estimated 17, animals annually once the high voltage heater gets a crack in the electrical insulation material! Heat your water safely!

Inconvenient situations such as waiting for the hot water to reach the faucet, finding yourself with no more hot water while having to wait for the tank to heat up again, or constantly heating a stora.

To troubleshoot an electric water heater, you need to understand how the wiring works. There are safety concerns to be aware of. Are you willing to take a little time and become familiar with this type of problem? Will you follow the safety guidelines? This information will help you by providing a general knowledge of your electric water heater. Did you answer yes to the two questions above? Yes, then you are allowed to continue reading.

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In single-family homes and mobile home units, water is heated and dispersed to faucets and shower heads by a water heater. Though there are certainly similarities when it comes to functionality and installation, there are also some key differences. This post is designed to detail everything you need to know about mobile home water heaters, from how they differ from conventional ones to how to repair and install them. Mobile Home Water Heaters vs.

Apr 15,  · This shows the complete procedure of how to convert an illegally installed water heater using romex to a completely up to code installation of a disconnect, flexible metallic conduit and .

Even if a Plumber You ain’t! Though, it may take a few whacks with a boot to your Brain Pan to get the sucker out of Neutral Like the guys who built your rig are often afflicted Let me start from the beginning. Most folks who are even marginally handy can do the work of doing a job like this if they take the time to stop and think about it.

My RV water heater was leaking and I couldn’t spy where it was leaking from. Actually the one we had also had an electric element that we have never used. Boondocking you can’t really run a Volt heater very efficiently! I’ve thumbnailed most of the pics. If you want to see a larger pic just click on the one you want to enlarge and it will pop up in another window. When you first look at the thing; if you’ve never got into such a job before you might be intimidated. What with wires and water lines and propane lines I contend that if you can run a 20, lb rig down the road without taking out half the road signs along the way you should be able to do this job safely and well!

The PRO’s who built My rig for instance

How To Install A Gas Hot Water Boiler

Problems with hard water? Hard water is more than a nuisance. It can stain sinks, reduce the cleaning power of detergent, cause buildup in faucets and pipes, and shorten the life of a water heater. To find out whether your water is hard, you can buy a water test kit online. WaterSafe Mailorder Water Test Kit Though several types of salt-free water softeners are available, a salt-based ion exchange softener is the most popular.

Please see the Water Softeners Buying Guide for more information on hard water and choosing a water softener.

I need this for 2 heaters, the gas hot water,because I am on tank water and for the combustion wood heater,which ideally I would like to use with a water jacket behind it as a floor heater to use less wood or even for a hot water supply.

What are the power supply requirements for the Rinnai tankless water heater? Rinnai tankless water heaters require volts AC, 60 Hz and less than 3 amps. Can I install a Rinnai tankless water heater myself? Improper installation of gas appliances, including, but not limited to Rinnai products, can be extremely hazardous to you, your family and your property. Improper installation of your Rinnai product can affect the warranty provided by Rinnai. How much does a Rinnai tankless water heater cost?

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Canadian Capitalist June 22, at If you can handle it, self-insurance is cheaper in the long run. It does seem to me that renting is at least competitive with owning in your case. Yes, I do wish I had acted on your post. I agree that those planning to move shortly would be better off renting and passing the contract over the new owner.

Home: Solution Center: Plumbing: How to Drain and Flush a Water Heater. House House X. All House ; Appliances; Basements & Foundations Turn on the hot water from a nearby faucet inside the house to prevent a vacuum from forming in the lines and flow air into the water heater, allowing it to drain easier. Hook up the hose. Put on your.

Read more about a DIY solar water heater here. You can install a solar hot water kit yourself to supplement your existing system and save on energy costs. The system will often pay for itself in several years. Solar hot water systems of yesteryear were often leaky, failure-prone and ineffective, but the industry has matured.

Today, you can choose between super-efficient, professionally installed collectors and this less expensive DIY-friendly system. And if federal tax credits are available or additional state and local incentives, you may be able to recoup your investment in a few years, and enjoy cheaper hot water for years beyond that. Solar hot water systems are designed to tie in to conventional electric and gas water heaters.

The tank stores the solar-heated water and serves as a backup heat source. When the controller senses that the sun is shining and your tank needs a warm-up, it signals the pump to send water through the black collector panels. There, it transfers its solar heat to the cooler water coming from your hot water tank.

How to Hook Up an Electric Hot Water Tank

Water Heaters and Models Q5: Can a solar pre-heated water be used with a Noritz unit? Yes, it is possible to use our products with a solar system. How do Noritz tankless water heaters work? Noritz water heaters work on demand — they only heat water when necessary. When a hot water fixture is opened or hot water is required by an appliance, the heater will sense the demand and heat water accordingly.

Mount the Instant Hot Water Tank. I set the plywood baseplate as follows: Marked a straight line down the center of the plywood. Drilled four 1/8 inch holes near the ends, leaving room in the center for the metal mounting bracket.

Ohio My 20 plate is installed so the hot water goes into the tank. This is how all the MFGs recommend it to be installed. If you have young ones or guests in your home DO NOT install it until you have a mixing valve installed, the water the plate produces even with my boiler set to max is smok’en hot and WILL hurt a person. You asked about the best way to hook up your water heater and I am not sure there is a best way unless you are spending lots of money to heat water.

We use a heck of a lot of hot water at my place. So I have more room to work than most others when it comes to spending money to save some, if you know what I mean? I started out with a side arm unit and while it does make hot water it is slow. Might be OK for single men or households with low usage, no way one will keep up with 5 in the house and clean freak wife. I added the 20 plate this summer and it will make all the hot water that will run out my taps at 60 PSI.

Problem with a plate is that nothing is heating the tank when your not running water so you must leave the water heater on or have less than hot water when the system has not been used for a long period. Once it cools off I am sure that a person would have to run lots of water to heat things back up.

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