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Myth 5 Our scouts are noobs. Everybody blames the scout because they die first, but that’s a fact for scouts with thin armor, and yet are expected to be in the front lines. Playing as the scout among heavies is the hardest role to play. The Role of a Scout Excluding other goals of a light tank such as artillery killer. When playing as a scout, your task is to reveal enemy locations so that friendly artillery and tanks can shoot from out of viewing range. Even if you do get killed in the process, but if artillery and other heavies had managed to take out several enemy units with the intel you provided, then its more than a good tradeoff. But there are many times when as a light tank, or even as a scout, you should not just blindly rush into the enemy base. When Not to Scout If at the start of the game, you see a few light tanks all charging forward in the name of “scouting”. Go hide in the bushes, defend your base from enemy scouts, or follow your arty. Or play as the observation scout.


An example may help clarify. Suppose Player A has a rating of and plays in a five-round tournament. He loses to a player rated , draws with a player rated , defeats a player rated , defeats a player rated , and loses to a player rated The expected score, calculated according to the formula above, was 0.

How to Get Better Matchmaking In Wot. BananaMyth.. Reply on October 24, Sooo true, after you play if for a while it does get really repetitive, its not p2w tho wich is nice.

This massive gun bring massive damage potential but does it drag down the other aspects of the T92 to compensate for the massive gun? In its current state post major SPG revamp the T92 is crippled by this massive gun that does a whopping 2, damage per shot. Because aside from the large damage per shot and great splash damage you have little else to stand on to fall back on. Regardless, the T92 can be played and be a benefit to its team but in its current state that is a difficult task to pull off on a regular basis.

However, when your shells land where you aim or even in the general vicinity the T92 is a good SPG to play…but knowing when this will occur is something you will never know entering a match. Each shell has an average damage of 2, with its standard and premium HE round while its AP round does 1, damage.

The AP is rather useless since the accuracy is terrible on the T92 and even at close range you cannot point your gun down enough to hit most tanks advancing towards you. Side from the damage per shot your next most useful attribute is the splash radius. The standard high explosive round has a 8. The base rate of fire of 1. Overall, the T92 does have a massive amount of firepower but since it has a massive amount of damage per shot and splash damage it has to pay for it in other areas which happen to be what cripples the SPG.

The terrible accuracy, aim time, and accuracy while moving the hull make the mm shell advantage almost not worth it in most matches. The large mm gun does provide some moments where the enemy gets unlucky and the shell will hit it and thus do no HP damage.

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Jul 08,  · Preferential Matchmaking Chart for Premium Vehicles – posted in Current Archive: Lately, Ive noticed a couple of questions regarding matchmaking. In response to these threads/PMs, I took the time to request a preferential match making chart from our dev team, and heres what they provided for the community: Please note that there are some words in Russian.

These values are found on the World of Tanks wiki and hopefully they are up to date…but its not that important to base my view on. Under my proposal the matchmaking weight values would be changed along with the method of assigning specific tanks their values. Each tier would have a range at where the matchmaking weight values will be at and instead of tanks being weighted based on their class they would be weighted based on how well they are balanced against their peers. Like the old system the higher the tier you go the greater the matchmaking weight becomes as well as the larger the range for each tier to allow further balancing.

However, under this system each tank would have an individual valued assigned to it instead of having a class modifier. While the old system might have worked when there were very clear class roles and fewer tanks it clearly does not work anymore as evident by the endless re-balancing that is occurring.

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Updated What is the Sandbox? Your participation will help us gather feedback on possible changes, and you’ll have more opportunities to influence development moving forward! While we can’t reveal all the details yet, we can say one of the things you’ll test is some new ways we’re thinking about artillery! How do I get access to Sandbox?

Matchmaking. The composition of tanks in each team is a task of matchmaker. It works in following manner. It takes one tank from the queue and looks at his tier.

Friday, May 24, World of Tanks cheat: Every cheat is an inbalance in the game. Every inbalance can be exploited. The exploit is the ultimate proof, everything else can be disproved. I can write essays about a hidden door in the wall, I can use lot of evidence, I can be as careful as I am and I can still be wrong. There is one unquestionable way to prove the existence of the door: I did walk trough the back-door built into World of Tanks and after reading this, you can too.

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Revamping World of Tanks Current Balance & Matchmaking System Posted By: WoT Guru May 7, This post isn’t about any changes to the way tanks are weighted, matchmaking system, and the way tanks are balanced being officially done by Wargaming.

With potential clip damage and only 11 seconds required to unload it, pairing the sufficient penetration of , the tank could simply decimate any tier 7 or 8 tank, and shave off over half the health of tier 9 and some tier 10 tanks. This tank was pushed back to tier 8 with the patch 7. The autoloading 76 mm T91E5 gun it used to have?

With 10 rounds, potential damage and 18 seconds to unload? The most common strategy with the autoloader was to simply wait for flanking opportunities, engaging sole tanks or tanks you know you could defeat without taking much damage. The speed of the M41 allowed the tank to zoom around tanks while unloading the massive clip, and that was the most common playstyle players used.

The gun, being single-shot, had better gun handling characteristics, but the ability to clip tier 7 and 8 tanks with the autoloader made the autoloader simply a better choice for the tank. Unfortunately, after the 9. While the tank statistics and mobility were sort of buffed, the autoloader was significantly nerfed. As the tank got uptiered, it gained more HP, a huge mobility increase traverse and massive specific power increase at the cost of 4.

The autoloader lost 4 of its shells. That might not seem like a big loss, but that was loss of potential damage! The single-shot gun was also sort of nerfed: WG gave the gun a bit better dispersion stats and alpha damage increase of 20, but at the cost of nearly 2 RpM loss… The change resulted in a DPM loss.

Revamping World of Tanks Current Balance & Matchmaking System

This a list of good practises that can help you win: Like the e75 while in an is6. Instead, try for a sneaky tracking shot to help out your TDs. Or flank around to put some shots in their back. Info on these can be found online or on a handy app called tank inspector.

Jul 12,  · WoT If you have any great games you want me to make a video of, submitt your replays to “[email protected]” Make sure to tell me from what patch the Replay is so that i can open it!

In World of Tanks, platoons allow players to team up and enter battles together in small groups of two or three. We’ll explain how the new matchmaking system works for those who are new to these recent changes. How Matchmaking Works World of Tanks matchmaking now follows a template-based algorithm. Ideally, the matchmaking system will create teams with only three tanks at top tier, five at mid-tier, and seven at the bottom.

This system also tries to take into account the speed of matchmaking to avoid long wait times. A two-tiered battle will still have a majority of bottom-tier players. The matchmaking algorithm comes with several variations, but will always keep the bottom tiered players as the majority. Tank Destroyers, Artillery, and Light tanks will be placed evenly on each team, with no more than one additional of those tank types on either side.

Medium and Heavy tanks are distributed randomly, as this prevents longer wait times. This is why you may still encounter battles with an uneven distribution of Heavy tanks on one side. This algorithm creates more even team composition overall. Thanks to the platoon changes in Update 9.

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