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Foreword Jung Soojung Jjung Male protagonist. Same age as Ssul. Plagued with the pretty boy look and keeps his hair long shoulder length. Hates his girl sounding name and prefers to be known as Jjung. Quiet and introverted but also witty and sarcastic. Seems cold on the outside but actually very kind and secretly a romantic. Next door neighbor of Sulli since childhood.

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She was working as a make up artist and a wardrobe assistant for 6 years until last July and shared some insight view of the industry we were talking until 4 in the morning. At first I was reluctant to make this thread because I know some of you may react badly. But I really, really, really want to share the stories here.

A dispute over one man possibly dating another man’s sister was behind a fatal shooting outside a Minneapolis bar last summer. The motive was revealed in court last week when Farhan O. Hersi,

Fast forward as some of you reading this try to digest that statement — it struck me that Arsenal were exploring the possibility of signing Arturo Vidal AND Jackson Martinez as the summer window draws nearer! Well if you have been following football for a while, you very well know who these beasts are. These two hopefully with a defensive signing possess what the Gunners need to mount a title challenge.

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I feel for Pinky too. It must be hard for her to handle the embarrasment and heartache. I hope she learned from that mistake.

Officially, Sulli has been promoting her acting skills, making a return to K-dramas and films. In the rumor mill, she’s in a relationship with Choi Jae ho, better known as Choiza of Dynamic Duo. And apparently, both (if the relationship rumors are true) are far more important to her than her K-pop idol career.

Sulli really seems to have done something Jinnabit sulli94net is Sulli’s biggest fansite admin. She’s very close with Sulli to the point of contacting each other personally. She’s almost 10 years older than Sulli and was like Sulli’s unnie. On Twitter, she expressed that some stuff triggered her to stop being a fan. One of them was that Sulli asked her for Choiza’s account because it’s extremely hard to get an account on the fansite.

So are you leaving the fandom because of Sulli’s immature behavior? I was more shocked after seeing Sulli commenting with her fans with her private Instagram account She’ll never be matured. I’m going to file a civil suit depending on your behavior. To those that are struggling due to fangirls’ rage, you can just sue them. I think it’s the only chance to ask

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She will take an indefinite break from performing with her group f x. There is no word as to whether she will participate in promotional activities for her soon-to-be-released film “Pirates” with Son Ye Jin and Kim Nam Gil. Sulli, who has previously been hospitalized due to a stress-related stomach pains, has been under considerable pressure lately. According to SM Entertainment, she has suffered because of the rumors circulating about her. Photos of Sulli were recently found in a wallet that supposedly belonged to Dynamic Duo’s Choiza.

Dating rumors surfaced about the couple last September but the two insisted that they were only friends and had a close brother-sister relationship.

Rumors that the two are dating have been going around, with much ‘proof’ saying the two have couple items. On an episode of ‘ Strong Heart ‘, where IU was a guest, Leeteuk wrote, “ .

Few hours ago your grandparents called me to inform that you were about to debut soon, and that you were very busy at the moment, they also told me not to worry. But neither of them knew we rarely kept in touch. After receiving their call, I feel so relieved, so I went to visit them. They cooked lots of delicious food for me, they said no matter how our relationship went, they still treated me as their granddaughter.

I will do everything I could, and try my best to take care of them and make them happy. Despite the sad things in the past, all the memories between us were so beautiful, thinking about that time again, I have no regret. I always tell myself to forget you so I can move on, slowly, starting a new life without you. But no matter how busy I am, or how I try hard to fill up my mind with work, I still miss you, wondering if you take care of yourself, if your stomach still hurts … Did you remember that long time ago I showed you my future table plan?

I know I have lots of things to do, I have to stay strong. Whenever I miss you, I will log in to weibo to read your diary and all of the letters you wrote for me.

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Not too long ago, “The Predator” star was linked to Chris Pratt. She reached out to his ex-wife Anna Faris to say the report wasn’t true, and shared their texts with anyone who might’ve read the scoop and believed it. Munn just did the same thing for Justin Theroux.

With the numerous dating scandals appearing, one of them was by far the most shocking to me and stood out to me the most as not a relationship scandal but rather just a sex scandal Sulli and Choiza, the pictures of the two as seen below.

IU and Eunhyuk sex scandal Posted by: KPopRanter November 10, For those who aren’t even the slightest bit aware of the new and biggest scandal of the month, IU and Eunhyuk are supposedly dating. This picture surfaced as well as a picture of IU without the visible gown she is wearing through IU’s official and personal Twitter account, in which she deleted almost immediately after.

My theory of this incident? I mean, IU even said something along the lines of her wanting to be seen differently as she was seen currently! Looking at this incident a bit closer because IU deleted the images a little while after they were posted , it seems a bit obvious that it was staged. As a Twitter user, I know that before you post anything on Twitter you click on more than just one button to post it, so the probability of IU not knowing that she posted the picture, in which both of them relating to the sex scandal, is near non-existent.

Not to mention that even before this scandal happened, it was already rumored that they were to be dating with enough evidence to have already started a scandal months ago: Oppar didn’t mean it! IU and Eunhyuk could have actually been dating for some time, had sex some times, too and the uploaded Twitter image was taken during a “date”. Maybe, the reason why she posted it on Twitter to make it look like an accident seems as if Eunhyuk was or had already broken up with IU and she used this picture to get revenge on her ex-boyfriend.

Though this theory is most probably wrong , it is most likely closer to the truth than the excuse IU was sick and her sick, naked friend, Eunhyuk went out of his way to take care of her that LOEN and SM had came up with!

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Junho has proven not just once, but twice and probably more that I missed , that he is extremely homophobic. Rumors about ‘ Produce ‘ contestant Samuel Kim being bullied turns out to be. Wooyoung, there isn’t much time left for you to become the world’s. I’m sure the 2PM members will be dating , but which.

A fan admitted she was the one who spread rumors about Baekhyun’s bad past. She made a post apologising to fans. She made a post apologising to fans. Exok performed on Music Bank and Baekhyun gave a good performance despite the on going controversy and lack of fan support.

By Jular But in the episode where they became teachers, she admitted that she has still a long way to her dream of becoming an actress. In the ending IU ‘s confession to dating Nickhun made Seulong relieved. Also, the format of the show is quite entertaining with one side of the show acting like they are part of a congressional hearing. But in Heroes I thought she was cute and matured for her age. Having done several parts in different dramas, Sulli naturally came back and forth between the two guys.

Jaedong also slipped while he was questioning and briefly talked about dating a celebrity. Because the casts were members of K-pop group and some are actresses. Video about seulong and iu dating: Nickhun and Sulli were success along well being membrane in everything and sangria these two made Seulong comic. IU made a eerie appearance. Kim Jae Ball was not funny by wastage an incident that was not convinced at all seulong and iu dating more sorry.

Nickhun blake shelton and miranda lambert dating story Sulli were going along seulong and iu dating being cupid in everything and wide these two made Seulong premium. Sulli said goodbye to Seulongwho was expecting down from the MC bidding of “Ingi Gayo” with a row on the cheek. Nickhun as well didn’t vulgar to act the consistent feeling of friendship and dan with Sulli.

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Exo Member Dating Rumor Hes not dating anybody currently.. It losing the opinion services from ExAct along with four new months including the deception of the same name. Please ask much much more! Afro has five new anti songs, three of which are rooms sung and every exclusively by means of girls. Same ring, DOs back profile, same shoes, same shorts, etc But fans call it a coincidence.

Jun 27,  · Kim Soo Hyun and Sulli’s sex scene in Realbecame the center of attention at its press preview. Reporters invited to the press preview asked Kim Soo Hyun and Sulli .

September 20, koreaboo – A recent online discussion listed down the most outrageous rumors started from an idol to getting another idol pregnant up to another idol with a North Korean background. In fact, it got so out of hand she had to come out and talk about it on a variety program. Theories about her past were widely talked about as netizens noticed the singer had not released any childhood photos of herself.

What started out as a joke between her fans eventually became viral online and she had to release a statement to clarify it. Long story short, Solar is not a North Korean refugee and even released those childhood photos to the public! This is popular to most BTS fans. Although many fans do not believe this unfounded claim, it still remained a popular discussion online.

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Sulli and Dynamic Duo’s Choiza have split. The two parted ways after announcing their relationship in August The actress’ agency SM Entertainment confirmed the break-up news.

Oct 21 Did you feel the vibe of my verbiage as you were reading my comments? I’m glad you were able to interpret Eli’s comments to a simpler form to which even a 10 year old can understand. I was really bummed when you said no one is perfect, not even me: As far as constructive criticism,woooh big word, in an online forum I can see how my comments can be construed as hateful or even judgmental, but I can honestly say that I don’t avoid unpleasant circumstances just because there are weak individuals out there who can’t take my aggressive or blunt style.

Now, I’ll say something nice about Krystal. Your hair is pretty!

TOP 10 idol dispatch scandals.

Please refer to this site: My Korean friend visit me yesterday and we were talking a lot about Kpop. At first I was reluctant to make this thread because I know some of you may react badly. But I really, really, really want to share the stories here. Most of the stories are old stories that already here mostly in My Korean Celeb Secrets thread. That immortal thread because I want to hear her view about it.

Sep 26,  · SM Entertainment Denies Dating Rumor! Now, who would have thought that? What did they say in their statement and exactly what type of relationship do Sulli have with Choiza? All that here. Here’s what they said: “[Choiza] is only a sunbae who is like a brother to Sulli. They are not dating. Since they are close, they meet.

Waktu santai mereka hanya dua hari, dan sekarang mereka sudah mulai berlatih keras lagi. Mungkin dalam waktu dekat EXO belum akan comeback, namun mereka memiliki banyak undangan untuk beberapa acara, jadi untuk itulah mereka berlatih. Ia menghampiri Kai yang duduk di pojokan. Dengan ogah Kai bangun kemudian mengikuti manajernya menuju ke ruangan CEO. Kai memasuki ruangan Kim Youngmin bersama menajernya.

Ia duduk di sofa yang berhadapan langsung dengan pimpinannya itu.

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