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Member of a top idol group prepares to leave There’s been a lot of controversy surrounding the legal contracts binding singers to their companies. B has been found to be raising his voice in his intentions to leave the group, and company A has put a halt to all of the group’s activities because of B. A has never had any contract troubles in the past and has been working to persuade B to change his mind in order to maintain their image as a trustable company. They have no problem with B leaving but care more about their company’s image. Industry insiders are currently fixated on when exactly B will file his lawsuit against his company.


Pada saat itu gue nggak tau grup lain dan ya udah cuma liat SuJu aja. Gue nggak inget gimana pertama gue suka Bigbang, tapi gue tiba-tiba nonton semua MV mereka, documentary, reality show, and all flv videos that ate my harddisk storage up. Dan mereka berkembang, gue juga tumbuh dewasa.

Kidding. =P Actually one thing I like about Team B, is that they are still young and the passion of winning and performing is there. They are still in their teenage years but .

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Six guys in their twenties, ended up crying on each other’s shoulders. It is a pity that I am not one of them. K gives me, he would never “openly cry” for anyone to see. During Hot Blood, when 3 of his team mates were eliminated, he bowed his head. When the team leader? During Without U period, his leg was injured but yet he persevered on stage, he carried a crutch.

To the disappointment of many of the Khunfany couple fans, 2PM’s Nichkhun and SNSD’s Tiffany are no longer in a relationship. On May 29, both agencies confirmed the news regarding the split.

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Unless you did the mistake on purpose, Dispatch? Take note that the one who took the photos have the same background as the one Dispatch posted. They have the same cars parked. The one who took the photo is with Dispatch at that time?! I tried looking up the original article and I saw nothing. Even if the original article is gone the link would still be there but still, no link.

The Secret Between You and Me. It’s funny how thin the line between love and hate. I mean love and hate is the opposite of each other right? And yet there’s only a very thin line to separate them.

I Don’t Know by Ryubee reviews Ini tentang Baekhyun dan Chanyeol yang merupakan anggota kepolisian, karena suatu tugas Baekhyun dan Chanyeol diharuskan untuk tinggal bersama. Tentang dirinya yang tiba-tiba datang dan menawarkan ginjal untuk istri Chanyeol. Tentang setan kecil yang menggerogoti tubuh ringkihnya. Juga tentang bagaimana hubungan keduanya di masa lalu.

Namun, suatu kejadian membuat mereka terjebak dengan permainan mereka. Chanyeol menggila pada baekhyun hingga mengesampingkan kekasih yang dia perjuangkan sebelum nya.

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Hahaha, did my title get your attention? Were you wondering the same like i do? Well, some people cant accept it, while on the other hand, many were hoping for it to be real.

Jun 18,  · DEFCON 5 — TAEYEON X BAEKHYUN — REPORT TO BATTLESTATIONS they should’ve waited to let us recover from khunfany before destroying the last bastion of hope T_T. Reply Delete. Nona June 19, So you can still stay delulu. Delete. Author: Anti Kpop-Fangirl.

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I Don’t Know by Ryubee reviews Ini tentang Baekhyun dan Chanyeol yang merupakan anggota kepolisian, karena suatu tugas Baekhyun dan Chanyeol diharuskan untuk tinggal bersama. Ia juga tak percaya pada cinta. Chanyeol tak jauh berbeda, lelaki itu tak pernah suka dengan ikatan seperti pernikahan. Lalu, bagaimana jika keduanya dipertemukan oleh sebuah ‘kecelakaan’ yang manis?

The producers, actors, writers, etc have made a brilliant job and I have to thank them for making one of the best drama I have ever watched. Hanabira Jun 21 pm Does anyone know what will replace this show.

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KhunFany dated in Disneyland