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Who is the wildest out of the bunch? And what is the craziest moment all of you have shared together? I think we all share that pretty well. We kind of pass it around like a disease! And I totally did it. Elaine is a beast, and she slays the drums! I know that she started off as a guitarist and then transitioned into the drums. Do you know what inspired the change?

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Glenn started to tell close friends and family members his big news in October , as he was finishing up writing songs for Neon Trees’ upcoming third LP, “Pop Psychology,” many of which address.

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Glenn, a Mormon-raised Utah native, opened up about his sexuality in the March 25 issue of Rolling Stone. He discussed the difficulties of keeping his sexuality a secret and urges not only his fans, but everyone to just be themselves. First off, congratulations on coming out. How have your family and friends been reacting to the news? I was able to tell my friends a while ago. I expected them to be glad that I was finally being honest and comfortable with myself, but they thought I was playing some sort of practical joke.

And your band mates? I sat down with each one of them and shared the news. I also wanted them to know I was coming out publicly and they have been really amazing and supportive. Outside of your homosexuality, what identifies you?

Neon Trees Singer Tyler Glenn

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This could of happened before or after elaine was dating one of the grou p members (not tyler)but then Waayy Latteerr, elaine got married. How old is Tyler Glenn from Neon Trees? Tyler Glenn.

History[ edit ] Formed initially by childhood friends Tyler Glenn vocals , keyboards and Chris Allen guitar , vocals who both grew up in Murrieta, California , the band made its first home in Provo after Glenn and Allen moved there from Southern California, eventually adding Branden Campbell bass guitar , vocals and Elaine Bradley drums , percussion , vocals to the lineup.

They also recorded other unreleased tracks during the “Treehouse Sessions” in The band’s lineup soon narrowed down to four members with Branden Campbell and Elaine Bradley joining the group on bass and drums, respectively. Ronnie was impressed, and as a result they were chosen to open for The Killers for a string of dates on their North American tour. Vannucci later helped the band sign to major label Mercury Records , which was announced in late They performed the song on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

The group has also released a digital EP of four remixes of the song, one of which by Tyler Glenn. King ‘s ” Stand By Me “. In November , the band released a Christmas single called “Wish List. Picture Show[ edit ] On December 7, , an article published by Rolling Stone ‘s website streamed the band’s new song ” Everybody Talks “. They performed an abbreviated version of their single “Everybody Talks”.

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Neon Trees’ new album is called Pop Psychology. They’ve toured with both. But the culture from which the musicians emerged is a story unto itself. Neon Trees’ latest release, Pop Psychology, continues its steady arc of catchy, danceable pop-rock — though the lyrics, Glenn says, often deal with the conflicts of identity and faith he dealt with while in the closet. He and Bradley spoke with NPR’s Scott Simon; hear the radio version at the audio link, and read more of their conversation below.

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Ruby with Crescent Rose Her outfit is topped by a red hooded cloak fastened to her shoulders by cross-shaped pins. Her emblem appears as a large silver brooch and is pinned to a wide black belt slung around her hips on an angle, which also carries bullets and a pouch. In the “Red” Trailer, Ruby’s cloak is fastened at her throat and a large silver cross is pinned to her belt in place of her emblem.

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Dance Outfit During the Beacon Dance , Ruby wears a short, red, sleeveless dress with a thick black sash around the waist and black trim along the bottom.


However, Noble Bodies has been together since , long before their drummer made it big in the band Neon Trees. Taylor encouraged Bradley to come to Utah to play music with him when she returned home from her church service. Bradley applied to BYU and decided to attend after receiving an academic scholarship. However, Taylor and Bradley still felt like something was missing.

Taylor and Bradley decided Bennett was the most technically sound person in the group after hearing him play the first time.

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