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How to Backup Your Watch The Apple Watch does, conveniently, automatically back itself up during your regular iPhone backup process so every time your iPhone is backed up either by manual iTunes backup or via iCloud backup your paired Apple Watch is also backed up. You may, however, wish to force process to immediately backup things up so you know the backup on the Phone is as current as possible. According to Apple the following things are backed up when you backup your Apple Watch: General system settings, such as your watch face, known Wi-Fi networks, brightness, sound, and haptic settings Language Settings for Mail, Calendar, Stocks, and Weather App-specific data and settings, such as Maps, distance, and units Health and Fitness data, such as history, achievements, and user-entered data To back up Health and Fitness data, you need to use iCloud or an encrypted iTunes backup. It is also backed up if you have iCloud-based automatic backup. Confirm you wish to unpair the watch and sit back.

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It has not, however, allowed the ability to connect more than one Apple Watch at the same time. While you can have multiple Apple Watches paired, you can only use one at a time. In other words, when you wish to switch to a different Apple Watch, you must disconnect the previously connected watch. Apple has a cool little mechanism in iOS 9. Watch our video above for an in-depth look at the whole switching process.

With its entire enclosure reengineered, iPhone 7 is the very first water resistant iPhone. So now you’re protected like never before against spills, splashes, and even dust. The Home button on iPhone 7 is an advanced solid-state button designed to be durable, responsive, and pressure sensitive.

In this guide we take a look at how to set up your Android Wear watch with your iPhone and explain the benefits and drawbacks By Christopher Minasians 09 Feb 17 How do I set up and use an Android Wear smartwatch with my iPhone? In this article we’ll explain how you can use your Android Wear watch with an iPhone. Better still, we look at the limitations and benefits of using an Android Wear watch over an Apple Watch on an iPhone.

How to use Android Wear with iPhone: Setup To start off, you’ll need an iPhone 5 or newer that’s running on iOS 8. Once you’ve got your hardware ready, it’s time to switch it all on and start working your magic on the software.

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It was paired with a range of straps during its film career, including a striped fabric NATO band. If you want to wear a Rolex then be prepared to pay a lot of money for it. The first mass-produced digital watch, the P2 displayed the time with LEDs – and, much like recent smartwatches , would only do so when you pressed its one button. Curiously, setting the time is done by removing a magnet from the clasp and holding it against the hour and minute positions on the back of the case.

There is no date or alarm function, and despite costing the same as a Rolex Submariner at the time also worn by Bond in Live And Let Die , history has not been as kind to early Pulsar P2 owners. As Seventies James Bond as it gets, printed messages would emerge from the case to issue instructions to

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Product Details Lock Up Love It is the norm now that we take 3 things with us wherever we go; keys, purse and cell phone. Whether we are going out for a posh dinner or just popping out for some groceries, our cell phones will always accompany us. Compliment your Apple iPhone 5C with a customized cover case. Made from plastic and coated with a crystal clear enamel layer, you images will be reflected cleanly on your personalized case. Either design your case with photos, such as pictures of your kids, or stylize your iPhone 5C with graphics and color your phone whichever way you want to make it uniquely yours.

Even better, make a selection and pick the one that matches your mood for the day. Made from durable plastic The case covers the back and corners of your iphone 5C Image printed using crystal clear enamel coating for long lasting effect Suitable for iPhone 5C Lightweight; weighs approximately 18g SKU: For order less than 50 pcs, please order directly from our website.

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By a long way, the most versatile choice is the Apple Watch Series 3, which only falls short in the software department with no really good surf app. When someone makes a wave tracking app for Apple Watch there will be a clear winner. Apple Watch Series 3 It is sexy and stylish — a fashion statement and a mini-iPhone on your wrist. Listen to music streamed from your Apple Music library, track movement using GPS and check your heart rate — all at the same time.

It has not, however, allowed the ability to connect more than one Apple Watch at the same time. While you can have multiple Apple Watches paired, you can only use one at a time. In other words, when you wish to switch to a different Apple Watch, you must disconnect the previously connected watch.

Check out the full list below. These features do not require iPhone to be connected via Bluetooth or same WiFi network. In short, Apple Watch can do these things all on its own without needing iPhone at all. Timekeeping Kind of an obvious ability if you pull the iPhone out of the equation here. You should also check out: Fire up the Workout app, set your exercise and goal, and head out without having to connect the watch to the iPhone.

Users can also change the album to be synced as well.

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Jill Duffy Alex Colon The Best Fitness Trackers of More singularly focused than smartwatches, dedicated activity trackers can help you move more, sleep better, and improve your overall health. Here’s what you need to know to find the right device, along with the top-rated bands, clips, and watches we’ve tested. Count More Than Steps There’s never been a better selection of fitness trackers, but with choice comes confusion.

Which tracker has the features that are right for you and the activities you do? Here are some tips and recommendations for choosing the best tracker for your needs. First Steps If you want to give fitness tracking a try but without a wearable , start by using a mobile app that counts your steps.

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Open the Google Home app. Choose which Google Account you want to link to Chromecast. You can skip to the next step. You can swipe up from the bottom of your Home screen and turn on Bluetooth. If you don’t want to turn on Bluetooth for setup, Tap No thanks. Connect to the Wi-Fi network that matches your Chromecast device. Your device should now be detected. Then skip to step 9. Scanning for Chromecast devices: The Google Home app scans for nearby devices that are plugged in and ready to set up.

If you only have one device that needs to be set up, tap Next. If one device is found, tap Next.


Thanks to the support of cellular, it can now let you make calls, receive notifications, reply to messages and more without any help of your connected smartphone. But before allowing your smartwatch break the age-old shackles, first, you need to set up cellular on your Apple Watch Series 3. You have to take the help of your Watch app on your paired iPhone to enable cellular on your Apple Watch. Let me show you how it works: Cellular service plan with a supported carrier You need to use same carrier on your paired iPhone and Apple Watch.

If you are using enterprise or corporate cellular service plan, contact your carrier to see if they support this feature.

offers weather advisories for local cities including this Sandy Hook Weather Advisories page for weather warnings and watches in Sandy Hook, CT.

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August 23, 1: Sometimes even a inch screen is just too small. Fortunately, it’s easy enough to connect your iPhone or iPad to any recent TV for a bigger-screen media experience. Here’s our guide, from the simplest to the most complex solutions.

The iPhone is an amazing device! It can do almost everything that is done on a computer. Kids today who have iPhones spend lots of time downloading and playing apps, surfing the internet, posting to social networks, and texting their friends.

That way, you can take the Frontier out for a trek and abandon your telephone. You can, obviously, acknowledge approaches the watch, much the same as you would on a telephone. Samsung contends that individuals who like the Classic’s outline won’t need or need the LTE choice, however it appears like an odd choice. We’d like to have the alternative. The guidelines portray how to interface the Samsung Gear S3 to a cell phone and to set up the Gear.

Press and hold the Home key for a few moments to turn on the Gear. A pop-up window shows up giving on-screen guidelines that brief you to download and introduce the Samsung Gear application. You can utilize the Gear simply after the Samsung Gear application is introduced on the cell phone. Allude to Connecting the Gear to a cell phone for subtle elements.

To turn off the Gear, press and hold the Home key, and then tap Power off. Follow all posted warnings and directions from authorised personnel in areas where the use of wireless devices is restricted, such as aeroplanes and hospitals. You cannot install the Samsung Gear app on the mobile devices that do not support Gear syncing.

Ensure that your mobile device is compatible with a Gear.

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The iPhone and iPad are great media players, but sometimes you want to see your video on a big screen. Sometimes even a inch screen is just too small. Fortunately, it’s easy enough to connect your iPhone or iPad to any recent TV for a bigger-screen media experience. Here’s our guide, from the simplest to the most complex solutions. You’ll also need a standard HDMI cable— any one will do , so just buy the least expensive one you can find.

There are two models of the Digital AV Adapter, so make sure you choose the right version.

Wait for the “Use your iPhone to set up this Apple Watch” message to appear on your iPhone, then tap Continue. If you don’t see this message, open the Apple Watch app, then tap Start Pairing. Keep your Apple Watch and iPhone close together until you complete these steps.

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