Can You Ever Be Friends With Your Ex

From ex-spouse to friend: What is healthy and appropriate? Since no one has written the new rules and codes of social conduct for relationships engendered by divorce, we asked some experts to share their insights with us. Everyone knows at … Read More

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How much will it cost? It relates to us as a studio but is also, I hope, reflective of the introduction with most creative tech companies. Having introduced AR and VR to clients, opened the ideas bottle and filtered them … Read More

Ice Core Dating

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Maybe you are the one who is going to be my girl friend , my partner or my princess. I am a traveller and camper. I visited 16 countries in Europe. Now I live and work in Florida. But I … Read More

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Most Helpful Girl Anonymous Yes, I like seducing guys and my boyfriend was always really shy, introverts are the hardest people to seduce so its a challenge. Also with shy guys there’s always a “mystery” at the beginning, because they … Read More