Pb dating of the Miaoergou ice core from the eastern Tien Shan, China

Box , Lower Hutt, , New Zealand, r. Box , Lower Hutt, , New Zealand In this paleoclimate study we employed 10Be to correct for sedimentological variation in the excess Pb used to obtain sediment accumulation rates. Lacustrine sediment incorporates atmospheric Pb, termed excess or unsupported, that decreases with depth due to radioactive decay, hence the Pb dating method. There is a background of Pb, supported by Ra via Rn within the sediment, to deduct from the total measured Pb. Ideally, each sediment sample would be completely decomposed and the total Pb and Ra, i. Our approach is to leach meteoric 10Be, excess Pb, and a minimum of supported Pb from the sediment and then leach more strongly to obtain the supported Pb profile and assess the sediment solubility.

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For Librarians Keywords Open Access Subscription or Fee Access Absolute dating of Recent sediments in the cyclone-influenced shelf area off Bangladesh; comparison of gamma spectrometric super Cs, super Pb, super Ra , radiocarbon, and super 32 Si ages. Axel Suckow, Uwe Morgenstern, Herrmann Rudolf Kudrass Abstract A geochronological survey of the Bengal shelf area involved results from more than 20 sediment cores dated using gamma spectrometry and the nuclides super Cs, super Ra, super Ra, and super Pb.

In some cores, which contained older sediments, super 32 Si and super 14 C were determined to examine the possibility to extrapolate the obtained chronologies to century and millennial scale. Geochronological work in this region is faced with problems of cyclone-induced sediment reworking, grain-size effects on fallout nuclides, scarcity of carbonates, unknown super 14 C reservoir effect and sedimentation rates that are too high to obtain sediment cores long enough to establish a chronology.

Keywords gamma ray spectra;hurricanes;inner shelf;Ra ;sediment transport;shelf environment;storm environment;continental shelf;Si 32;silicon;Bangladesh;Bay of Bengal;radium;lead;Pb ;Indian Ocean;cesium;alkali metals;Cs ;cores;marine environment;marine sediments;spectra;Holocene;alkaline earth metals;metals;sediments;Asia;Cenozoic;Quaternary;Indian Peninsula;C 14;carbon;dates;isotopes;radioactive isotopes;absolute age Full Text:

The Po- Pb dating method was originally developed in response to unprecedented biological and volcanological observations by submersible divers at 9°50’N on the EPR in [ Haymon et al., ].

Abstract The vertical growth of coastal wetlands is known to primarily be controlled by local tidal range and sediment availability as well as the occurrence of storm events. In estuaries, sediment availability additionally depends on riverine sediment input, the effect of which may be more pronounced in some parts of the estuary, thereby introducing a distinct spatial pattern that depends on the estuary’s shape as well as the riverine sediment input and the hydro-meteorological regime.

Based on 15 sediment cores, recovered along the RdlP and adjacent Atlantic coast, vertical marsh growth rates were studied using radionuclide dating Pb and Cs and grain size distributions. By comparing these sedimentological records with historic river discharge and storm surge data, we spatially interpret the relative importance of temporal variations in river discharge and storm activity on estuarine marsh growth. By delivering the first estimates for vertical growth rates of the RdlP marshes, we conclude that with average vertical marsh growth rates between 0.

Furthermore, our results confirm a large spatial variability of the drivers for vertical marsh growth; extreme storm surges appear to play a role in the development of the outer RdlP marshes whereas the temporal variations in river discharge seem to be hierarchically more important for the marshes in the inner estuary. Previous article in issue.


Although a relatively new technique, particularly in subaqueous sediments, StrataData have pioneered its industrial application in dating superficial seabed deposits for geohazard risk assessment. Application Suitable for samples up to about Ka containing quartz. The quartz can be very fine grained c. Ideal for young sediments with no biogenic material present or where the age of the sediments exceeds the range of 14C dating c.

Many radioactive isotopes emit X-rays together with α- or β-rays. In nature only the isotopes with very large half-lives and traces of their decay products in their neighbourhood can still be found.

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Models and Applications Dr. Shukla, Environmental Consultant This book deals with the Pb dating of sediments. Variable sedimentation rate, diffusion coefficient and statistical methods to interpret the model results are some of the interesting features of this book. A new model is developed that yields both the diffusion coefficient and the sedimentation rate while considering the variation of porosity with depth. This new model is named as porosity variation PV model. Mathematical equations to model the Cs and Pb profiles under transient and steady-state conditions are presented in detail.

By calculating the uncertainty in the dates of 13 sediment cores, it is found that both the CIC and CRS models predict unreliable dates when variations in the Pb activity with depth are highly non-monotonic. However, a combination of CIC, CRS and PV models in association with their uncertainty in the Pb dates, is helpful in predicting the most probable dates for the core slices. Taxes and postage by air mail are included.

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The main peaks are right on the border between Obwalden and Nidwalden. Named after the nearby St. Peter’s Chapel, the bridge is unique because it contains a number of interior paintings dating back to the 17th century, although many of them were destroyed along with a larger part of the centuries-old bridge in a fire. It serves as the city’s symbol and as one of Switzerland’s main tourist attractions. Swiss Museum of Transport The Swiss Transport Museum or Verkehrshaus der Schweiz, in Lucerne, is a museum, opened in July and exhibiting all forms of transport including locomotives, automobiles, ships, and aircraft as well as communications.

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E Corresponding author e-mail: Environmental Chemistry 1 1 https: Dating estuary sediments provides insights into the materials entering the estuary and can pinpoint when the contamination occurred.

Pb dating of the cores offers little constraint for the age–depth modelling because of the large analytical errors and in Hosta 1, Pb activity was only detected in the upper 2 cm of sediment.

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