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Handheld Pool Cleaners Handheld Swimming Pool Vacuum Cleaner Reviews This page is intended for “handheld pool vacuums” so if you are looking for a review of traditional suction cleaners, pressure cleaners of robotic pool vacuums then read the Pool Vac Reviews found here. Every now and again you stumble upon a product that makes you stop and think Looking at it, it makes perfect sense as to why this product exists, and you can instantly see many ways that it will improve or enhance your life in some way when it comes to day to day maintenance of your pool. In a nutshell this is a small, battery operated vacuum cleaner think along the lines of a dust buster vacuum on steroids that attaches to your telescopic pool pole. It does not need to be connected via vacuum hoses to your pool skimmer, nor does it require an electrical cord like a robotic cleaner. As a day to day maintenance and spot cleaning vacuum there has simply never been a better product on the market for this purpose. While there are better pool vacuums on the market – more powerful ones, ones with bigger storage bags, ones with extra scrubbing power, ones that do not need batteries – the concept of a small, but reasonably powerful vacuum that can operate independently from the pool plumbing system is the reason this smaller, less powerful vacuum is one of the best selling pool products on Amazon.

How to Maintain an Intex or Soft

Quick and easy to assemble Can be set up on most any level surface No tools required. Snap together framework contains no nuts, bolts or screws. Strong plastic construction provides years of hassle-free use. Automatic Vacuum Why add another chore to the list. Just hook it up and let it go.

The Intex GPH pool pump is easy to install, just hook up to the hoses and plug in. This pump increases water circulation and filtration and guarantees a cleaner ed for all 10, 12, 14, 15, and foot Intex above-ground swimming pools.

Originally Posted by shyguylh I have an Intex 15×4 foot round metal-framed pool. It’s a lot of fun except for 2 things– 1 cleaning the bottom and 2 the water warming up quickly enough. I don’t know what the model number is, but I have an Intex thing where you attach a garden hose to a round thing with some sort of white bag tied to it, you run it on the bottom. First, unless your pool bottom is absolutely dead-on free of wrinkles mine have a few wrinkles or “creases” it seems to want to “scatter” the debris all over the place.

Second, the bag loves to pop off, and then the trash which WAS in there scatters all over the place. Mine just did that, and I was cussing up a storm. It was all I do could not to take a pick-axe to the pool and destroy it. If I still use the Intex round garden-hose thingie, how do you work with it to where the white bag doesn’t pop off constantly?

It only got warm enough last week when it was about 87’F and sunny by day and 65’F by night. After our recent cold snap, it’s cold all over again. It isn’t full-time always in the sun, but it’s in it quite a bit just the same.

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We are having trouble with remembering how to connect everything since we didn’t get to open the pool last season. We are not using the heater or the auto chlorinator as they are both broken. We have a Pentair sand filter that we just cleaned out and replaced the sand with new. I understand the skimmer bottom connects to the front of the pump and that the pool wall is connected to the ‘pool return’, what gets connected to the pvc drain pipes?

How do you hook up a sand filter to pool Filtration for your pool hose from the oldest method to leave or spa filters see all the chamber on up a pool. Leave the best choice products, – hayward water and is reversed so they be set, you filter parts.

That’s the good part! By and large they’re easy to set up and use. But believe it or not, they’re NOT so easy to maintain. And instead of going back to Big-mart for questions and problems, many of these customers come to us. And after much hemming and hawing, they realize that we have the answers; Big-mart does not. Unfortunately, some realize this fact a little too late and become frustrated and even irritated.

But, you know what? These pools serve a tremendous number families all over the country who just want to cool off on a hot summer’s day. The bather load of these pools is typically higher than most backyard swimming pools. Plus there’s the poor filter system as we just mentioned. Higher water temperature, higher chlorine use leading to quicker, more significant water problems as mentioned above. The “pool-in-a-box” went into the shopping cart and out to the car with a barely a quick swipe of the credit card.

These stores could really care less about your pool care needs; they just made the sale Use the right equipment.

Intex Above Ground Pool Filter Pump FAQ

The Dolphins is extremely easy to use as there are no hoses to connect, simply plug it in and out it in the water. It is a good idea to move the Dolphin back and forth when placing it in the water, just to remove any trapped air as this can impede its performance. Once in the water, the Dolphin gets to work, moving around the pool to hunt out any dirt and grime it can find.

If you think your pool is clean, get hold of a Dolphin and you might be surprised at what it finds.

Hoses required for hook-up between your pool and the pump are included. The hosing is a ” ID (inside diameter). Tags: featured, intex pool pump, intex pool pumps. Related posts. Intex GPH Filter Pump | EG & Kokido Krill Automatic Pool Vacuum. Large Intex Pool Strainer Assembly w/ Blue Strainer Cover.

Connect the other end of this hose to the inlet port on the side of your pool. In addition, following a few simple steps for installation of the hoses will ensure that everything is installed correctly. Slide that end over the hose fitting at the base of the skimmer. Submit your best shot to our weekly competition for a chance to win an awes. The smart pond system can be used to create a water feature in a backyard.

Swimming pool hoses Winterizing your above-ground pool requires you to drain the sand filter and the pump. Hook up your filter and pump to keep your pool water clean. When browsing the many choices, buyers should be mindful to seek out sellers with good seller ratings in the feedback section.

How to Vacuum a Pool With an Intex Filter Pump

It uses an all-natural sand filtering system with a sand capacity of pounds. This allows for cleaner and clearer pool water due to the filtration process used. There are six functions to this pool pump that you can control. The ideal pool size for this pool pump is between 5, to 19, gallons. It comes with a hour timer to ensure that the cleaning process requires minimal effort from your part.

A suction pool cleaner is an auto pool cleaner that conveniently cleans your swimming pool. This type of cleaner utilizes the power of your pool’s pump to help remove dirt and debris at the bottom of your pool.

You will first need to locate all the parts that were put away when you closed your swimming pool. In order to connect the skimmer to the pump you will need to take one of the pool hose and put a hose clamp on each end. You will need to take one end of your hose and connect it to the bottom of the skimmer that is on the pool wall. You will now want to take the other end of the pool hose and connect it to the front of the swimming pool pump.

After you have connected both ends you will want to tighten the hose clamps thoroughly. Connecting the pool return: You will now want to get another pool hose just like the one that you used to hook up the pool pump to the skimmer and also put hose clamps on each end of this pool hose. You will want to take one end of the pool hose and connect it to the return fitting on the pool wall. Once you have connected both ends you will want to tighten the hose clamps.

Many above ground pools have in line pool chlorine feeders like the one pictured above.

Above Ground Swimming Pool Manufacturer

If you use the skimmer, take the skimmer basket out of the skimmer Attach the swimming pool vacuum hose to the pool vacuum head. If you want to spend a little extra, I would encourage you to get a quality hose with a swivel end. This will prevent any tangles.

Intex pools are easy to assemble and provide affordable fun for the whole family. Their swimming pools are made from highly durable materials designed to be sturdy enough for years of pool time fun. Offering fast set up and sturdy sidewalls for added security, Intex pools are the top choice in pool affordability and quality for families everywhere.

Pool Cleaning Mistakes to Avoid 1. Vacuuming large debris through skimmer without using a leaf trap. A leaf trap has a bag inside for catching debris and is placed between the end of your pool vacuum hose and the skimmer. It keeps leaves from clogging your skimmer line when you vacuum. It’s OK to not to use a leaf trap as long as you are vacuuming small things that can’t clog the skimmer line, but never go without it when sucking out acorns, sticks, large quantities of leaves, etc.

This can lead to a service call to unclog the skimmer line. It’s the best on the market! Vacuuming algae or large amounts of dirt with multi-port valve set in “Filter” position. The “Filter” position is the correct multi-port valve setting for vacuuming a relatively clean pool. That is the setting we use on our normal weekly cleaning vacuum jobs. However, when vacuuming a pool that has just had it’s mesh safety cover removed and is covered with a layer of fine dust, the multi-port valve setting should be “Waste”.

This also applies to a pool covered with algae or lots of dirt. If you use the “Filter” setting in these cases while vacuuming, you will notice the dust or algae blowing right back into the pool through the returns in the wall of the pool. When we are called in to help solve pool problems, and we see a bright fluorescent green colored pool water, we know this mistake has been made.

Intex Pool Deluxe Maintenance Kit Setup Instructions cut