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Dating back to the 13th Century, most of our generation know is best as a city divided by geopolitical turmoil and war. During the s and subsequent Second World War, the rise and reign of the Third Reich thrust Berlin into the global spotlight. In the 60s, Berlin made headlines again, as a city that represented the divide between East and West.

The functional and metaphorical Berlin Wall ripped the city and families part. Today, Berlin is a city reborn. While there is still remanence of its all too recent history, there is a simmering revival as a new younger generation return.

Occupy Berlin was a collaboration in Berlin, Germany that has included peaceful protests and demonstrations against unregulated financial markets and other alleged social on: Berlin, Germany.

The blockade caught world leaders by surprise, and threatened with starvation the estimated two million German civilians and 8, plus Allied troops stationed in West Berlin. To meet this emergency, the British and Americans collaborated in setting up and maintaining what became known as the Berlin Airlift. For nearly thirteen months, until the blockade was lifted, the United States Army and Air Force accomplished the stupendous task of transporting by air all of the food, clothing, fuel, and other supplies necessary to maintain the population of the isolated area.

This was an unprecedented feat in world history. Horkan, went into high gear, collecting whole warehouses full of life-sustaining goods of every kind needed to keep the beleaguered city afloat. More than 23, tons of Quartermaster supplies were flown into West Berlin during the course of the first twelve months of the Airlift. Quartermasters provided the fuel — more than , gallons of gas each day — to keep the planes in the air around the clock.

Other items ranged from food to forklifts, from typewriters to millions of pounds of scrap canvas, and from office furniture to baby clothes. On Easter Sunday, April 16, , the Allies achieved a record of 1, flights — nearly one flight a minute for a full 24 hours — and delivered nearly 13, tons of goods to the Berliners.

Leaving Berlin

France had a small population of Africans, mostly active in the entertainment field but, before the German invasion, most returned to the French-African territories from which they had come. While the Germans espoused their Aryan master-race theories, they had to be careful not to offend Asians, as the Japanese were their allies. A small number of Indians were recruited from prisoner-of-war camps to form an Indian brigade fighting the British.

As for Arabs, the Germans courted a faction of Palestinians in the hope of instigating an uprising against the British.

Raid on Berlin In when the main Prussian armies were occupied in Silesia a small Russian force of about 5, men tried to take the city. They were rebuffed by some cavalry and both sides rushed reinforcements to the city.

Share this article Share Following legal advice, Bates bought HM Fort Roughs, another derelict artillery installation, and declared independence from Britain. But while he had outsmarted the British government, there was still trouble ahead for Mr Bates, not least of which was an attempted invasion by rival pirate DJs from Radio Caroline. Roy Bates made this platform his own country When they attempted to take the platform, Mr Bates and his crew fought them off using Molotov cocktails and warning shots.

A year later, when Royal Maritime auxiliary vessel Golden Eye passed close by, he fired three warning shots across her bow, prompting the ship to turn back. Bates was summonsed to appear before a judge in Essex but was ruled to have acted outside of British jurisdiction. In , a German businessman who had been dealing with Mr Bates flew to Sealand and staged a coup while the retired Army major and his family were ashore following an argument over money.

Within days Mr Bates retook Sealand in a dawn raid, having rappelled from a helicopter with his son Michael, armed with a rifle and wearing combat fatigues. An obituary to Mr Bates on the Sealand website reads: He then served in Africa, Italy, Iraq and Syria, in WWII and was once taken prisoner, and suffered horrific wounds after a grenade exploded near his face, After the war his wounds healed and he ran various businesses before getting involved with pirate radio and then founding Sealand.

Values of Hitler Stamps

Most of these home-away-from-home architectural wonders were completed between and , and their newness hints at a war-torn and torn-city history. Jews who lived in the grand mansions here were thrown out, and any embassy wishing to construct a new building was obligated to use a German architect. The darling of the district is the combined Nordic embassies www. Behind this armor-like barrier you can glimpse the butterscotch-colored aspen used for some of the embassies themselves.

into the western-occupied zones of Berlin, Britain and the United States supplied the sectors by air for almost a year until the Soviet Union called off the blockade. A logical culmination of U.S. policy was the creation in of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), a military alliance among.

Krister Porzellan-Manufaktur until The first factory in the town of Waldenburg was founded by C. Rausch in , and even if the business only had a single kiln it was still fairly successful. Attracted by the local possibilities a second factory was opened by the businessman Traugott Hayn in These two facilities had quite an interesting fate.

A decorator from Thuringia at the Rausch facility changed to Hayn and eventually took over the business in This former employee was of course no other than Carl Franz Krister, who in also bought the company from Rausch for an amount of 15, Taler. Being very cautious, he decided to use a simple vertical bar instead of a sceptre. From the end of onwards, the KPM Berlin changed the strategy and introduced the imperial eagle with sceptre and orb over the initials ‘KPM’.

Krister followed up with an own version of the mark, omitting the scepter and orb. But Krister would not have been successful by only relying on copying the famous ‘KPM’ products and marks. The quality of his products was exceptionally good, and he soon had lots of wealthy customers. Export to customers all across Europe and North America therefore started around Over time, his business became quite well known and further recognition was achieved through the medals his products earned at the exhibitiona in Wroclaw and Paris Sadly, Carl Krister died the same year at the age of 65; business fell to the Haenschke heirs.

One Foot in Berlin: Where Does the German Chancellor Live

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Berlin, it seems, is Germany’s singles capital. So why is a city celebrated for its openness so loath to relationships? Berlin’s free-and-easy way of life seems to be part of it.

As soon as possible the full book of over pp. The given chapter is of immense importance. It is here translated from a Russian edition as well as from the Spanish. It is a complete material on its own. The translator’s own book on “The Struggle for World Power” also deals with the whole problem of super-power and global enslavement through the masters of both usury-Capitalism and terroristic Communism, which are both the tools of the same forces and serving the same purpose.

Rakovsky, one of the founders of Soviet Bolshevism and also a victim of the show trials just before the last war under Stalin. This is a document of historical importance and nobody who wants to be well-informed should fail to read and recommend it. Not to know the thesis here described is to know and understand nothing concerning the chief events and prospects of our time. In the Spanish book Senor Carlavilla explains the origin of the material in question.

Landowsky in a hut on the Petrograd front Leningrad by a Spanish volunteer. In view of the condition of the manuscripts, their restoration was a long and tiring job, lasting several years.

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Nazi Camps The term concentration camp is used very loosely to describe places of incarceration and murder under These camps were usually the last stop before deportations to a killing center. Concentration camps are often inaccurately compared to a prison in modern society. Introduction to the Holocaust concentration camps to detain real and imagined political and ideological opponents.

To concentrate and monitor the Jewish population as well as to facilitate later deportation of the Between and , almost , Jews emigrated to

However, because the occupation of Berlin could only be ended by a quadripartite agreement, Berlin remained an occupied territory under the formal sovereignty of the allies. Hence, the Basic Law was not fully applicable to West Berlin.

Soviet troops[ edit ] Historians have written about sexual violence committed by the armies of the Western Allies and the Red Army as these forces fought their way into the Third Reich and during the period of occupation. The majority of the assaults were committed in the Soviet occupation zone; estimates of the numbers of German women raped by Soviet soldiers have ranged up to 2 million.

Soviet and Polish women were not spared either. Studies[ edit ] In his analysis of the motives behind the extensive Soviet rapes, Norman Naimark singles out “hate propaganda, personal experiences of suffering at home, and an allegedly fully demeaning picture of German women in the press, not to mention among the soldiers themselves” as a part reason for the widespread rapes. Combining “Russian feelings of inferiority”, the resulting need to restore honor, and their desire for revenge may be the reason many women were raped in public as well as in front of husbands before both were killed.

Beevor exemplifies this with his discovery that Soviet troops also raped Soviet and Polish girls and women that were liberated from Nazi concentration camps as well as those who were held for forced labour at farms and factories. Tretiak said that although he wanted revenge, Stalin’s orders on treating the population humanely were implemented, and discipline in the army strengthened. Tretiak said that in such a huge military group as that in Germany, there was bound to be cases of sexual misconduct, as men had not seen women in years.

However, he explains that sexual relations were not always violent, but often involved mutual consent. The work of Beevor and others alleging mass rape is characterized by Tretiak as “filthy cynicism, because the vast majority of those who have been slandered cannot reply to these liars. He notes that the German Army probably committed tens of thousands of rapes on the Eastern Front, but that murder was the more typical crime for them.

The new Berlin

Disarmament[ edit ] Japan’s postwar constitution , adopted under Allied supervision, included a “Peace Clause”, Article 9 , which renounced war and banned Japan from maintaining any armed forces. This clause was not imposed by the Allies: During the Korean War, US forces largely withdrew from Japan to redeploy to South Korea, leaving the country almost totally defenseless.

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Drive Thru Museum transformed one of the galleries into a closed urban streetscape and expanded on the relationship between photography, sculpture, and architecture to create a unique environment, drawing on the history of Dallas and the Nasher Sculpture Center site. For the past 15 years, Pousttchi has created artworks in a variety of media, including photography, video, and sculpture.

These works examined the constructed nature and tenuousness of memory. For her exhibition at the Nasher, Pousttchi expanded on the relationship between photography, sculpture, and architecture to create a unique environment that drew on the history of the Nasher Sculpture Center site. A photographic pattern reminiscent of expanding scissor gates, used to protect storefronts and automobile repair shops, was applied to the glass facades of the gallery, obscuring views into and out of the space.

Since , she has participated in numerous group and solo exhibitions, including at the Venice Biennale in and , the Kunsthalle Basel in , and the major projects mentioned above.


Colette Valois is a character in Pan Am. She is a survivor of Nazi-occupied France. She is played by actress Karine Vanasse.

A Berlin-based website has decided to slam the brakes on speed-dating by creating in-depth, polished profiles of its users, writes Michael Scaturro.

The cover of this September edition shows a young man wearing traditional garb Carinthian, perhaps? But of real interest to me is the first story inside: I know that, to many people, Austrian history is rather obscure. But I think relatively few people these days know that the Nazis attempted a Putsch in Austria already in It was via this Putsch that the life of the Austrian Chancellor at the time, Engelbert Dollfuss, ended; one of the Nazis who stormed the Chancellery shot him twice.

Generally speaking, there was no broad terror associated with his dictatorship. His major concern at the time of his death in seems to have been to save Austria from Germany. Dollfuss did, after all, ban the Social Democrats and the Nazis, for that matter. He was a dictator, plain and simple. He just happened to be nowhere near the meanest of the group of dictators that plagued Europe around that time.

It can prevail, if only it would believe in itself! It can prevail, if only it would believe! For on the day of the Putsch, 25 July , the Putschists raided and occupied two buildings: Rintelen as his successor.

Occupy Together

The landscape The city site Berlin is situated about miles km south of the Baltic Sea , miles km north of the Czech-German border, miles km east of the former inner-German border, and 55 miles 89 km west of Poland. It lies in the wide glacial valley of the Spree River , which runs through the centre of the city. The mean elevation of Berlin is feet 35 metres above sea level. The highest point near the centre of Berlin is the peak of the Kreuzberg, a hill that rises feet 66 metres above sea level.

Measuring approximately 23 miles 37 km from north to south and 28 miles 45 km from east to west, Berlin is by far the largest city in Germany. It is built mainly on sandy glacial soil amid an extensive belt of forest-rimmed lakes, formed from the waters of the Dahme River to the southeast and the Havel to the west; indeed, about one-third of the Greater Berlin area is still covered by sandy pine and mixed birch woods, lakes, and beaches.

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Illustrated reports by medico-legal experts VIII. The documentary evidence concerning the individual cases of atrocity has been taken from the aforementioned files. The Special Courts of Justice set up at Bromberg and Posen are regular courts, their administration of justice being based on the Common Law of Germany and the jurisprudence of the Supreme Court of the Reich, and which deal with all cases in complete accordance with the principles of the German Penal Code.

The legally justified confirmation of verdicts and the sworn statements of German as well as Polish witnesses have been used. These were taken from the records of these Special Courts of Justice up to the Nov. The various Criminal Investigation Departments’ reports, documents, and photographs, have been employed and taken from the files of the Special Commissions. Reproductions of statements, photographs and preserved specimens, as well as the collective memoranda representing a report on the result of the autopsy on the victims, were taken from the records of the medico-legal experts.

The statements of eye-witnesses sworn and taken down before the military legal officials, have been taken mainly from the investigation files of the Army Investigation Department. These in turn are based upon extracts from the High Command’s Legal Dept. The records have been supplemented by accounts of personal experiences by individuals of the German minority arrested, ill-treated, and abducted, as well as by photographs of numerous atrocities on minority Germans, as perpetrated by soldiers of the Polish army and by Polish civilians i.

The photographs are genuine copies of snap shots taken of the actual victims, either beaten to death, shot dead, or mutilated, and taken on the spots where the victims were found and the crimes committed.

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